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Private  Radio Communication at Sea

Kenwood TK7185 radios previously known as KAVIcomm systems by local commercial fisherman, is becoming increasingly popular among leisure fishing vessels as a way to communicateprivately when out at sea


The trunking radio was introduced around 13 years ago for the department of fisheries to track activities of commercial fishing fleet. The system comprised of a fleetcall trunking radio installed on the vessel wich is linked to a special GPS unit which used the radios to transmit the vessels position at a pre-determined rate. 


Advantages includes:

Pirvate communication (individual or group calls)

Long distance communication (up to 50 nautical miles of shore)

Allows skippers to comminucate through repearters this allows for  communication over great distances

PSTN Calls ( allows the vessel to make and recieve regular telephone calls out at sea using teh radio network



What is a trunking radio (Kenwood TK7185)

The trunking radio is a cost effective and efficient way too communicate while at sea. Unlike the traditional radio communication systems,wherby the different users have been operating on seperate radio freqeuncies or radio channels provided,radio trunking smartly controls and guides the users toward a free channel.

Trunking permits a large number of users to share a relatively small number of communicaiotn pathsor trunks. Channel assignment is automatic and completely transparent to the individual users.

Finding a free channel is therefor  not the users obligation as the system does it automatically

Trunking is therfor defined as the automatic and dynamic allocation of a small number of radio channles among a large number of radio users





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